Employee co-ownership: putting people first


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Why your employees are the driving force behind achieving prosperity for you, your family, and your community.

Between 1985 and 2008, Europe saw a Management Buyout (MBO) megatrend in SME sales. At its height, 1,500 MBOs and €177bn changed hands across Europe. Serious money flowed in from bank debt and Private Equity. 

Employee co-ownership was clearly the way forward. Rather than selling to a competitor, SME owners wanted to share ownership – creating a fair deal for them and exciting new opportunities for their people. 

An outdated model

Today, banks only support managers with deep pockets. Even when they do bite the bullet and provide the relevant capital, they stay at arm’s length, showing little to no interest in the business. 

It’s a similar story in private equity. If a city firm agrees to invest in an SME, they take the majority of the company’s equity for themselves – with one eye on a quick sale down the line. Managers and employees become marginalised, resulting in poor performance and dissatisfaction among staff. 

The model is broken. To meet the needs of today’s SME owners and their employees, changes have to be made and a more intelligent co-ownership model put in place. So, we developed a new process to help you do just that.  

Unlocking prosperity in uncertainty

By harnessing the benefits of a more inclusive co-ownership model, correctly aligned to your business, you can retain and inspire your people. The value your business creates stays with the people and communities who depend on it. They gain a vested interest in your business, incentivising them to drive it forward and capture exciting new opportunities. 

And with Valloop, you also have access to intelligent financial products most SMEs cannot reach. 

Our intelligent employee co-ownership model provides the right balance between social and financial impact. It’s about ensuring that you get fair remuneration for the hard work you’ve put into creating a successful business while building a sustainable and prosperous future for your employees. 

Investors are waking up to the unique opportunities presented by the SME asset class. Your business could be one of them.