Is your team ready to take your business on?


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Employee co-ownership needs passion and drive to succeed.

Successful SMEs have one thing in common: passion. 

The drive to grow and evolve isn’t something you can teach – you either have it or you don’t. So if you’re thinking of transitioning to an employee co-ownership model for your business, take a step back. Take a long, hard look at your people and ask yourself: do they have that same drive? 

Assess your team before you begin

Great people underpin every successful business. But just because someone’s good at their job doesn’t mean they have the appetite to lead. Some are more comfortable taking direction or executing a task while others have ambition, but don’t have the drive to keep going week after week. 

Before you rock the boat and begin restructuring your management hierarchy, it’s important to assess whether employee co-ownership is the right fit for your SME.

We’ve worked on more than 150 transactions in the SME sector. We’re acutely aware of the people risks and can advise you what to look out for. You can also rely on us to ensure your people have access to the right information and know what to expect at every stage of the process. 

No uncertainty. No nasty surprises. 

If you’ve got a team of people who have the motivation and desire to thrive under a more socially inclusive co-ownership model, they’ll overcome any knowledge gaps they might have.