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Find the keys to unlock prosperity for you and your people.

Selling up’s never just about the money. You’ve spent so much time and effort making your business a success. When you do eventually decide to hand over the reins, it’s understandable that you want to preserve the people and culture that makes it special. 

You certainly don’t want to sell it to a competitor. Someone who isn’t committed to your long-term vision and doesn’t care about your team or the wider community. This is why an increasing number of SME owners are rejecting the traditional trade sale option and embracing the employee co-ownership model instead.  

And you can, too. 

The future of SMEs is employee co-ownership

Employee co-ownership gives your people a vested interest in the future success of your business. It’s the beating heart of our model. When you partner with Valloop, we work side-by-side to help you develop a sustainable financial structure that aligns with your goals and ensures a fair outcome for everyone – you, your people, and the community. 

A strong ethos, with managers and employees who want to take ownership and drive the business forward, is unbeatable. The most successful SMEs are like a family. A tight-knit group of people all working together towards a common goal.  

By embracing the co-ownership model, you can unlock prosperity while keeping control where it belongs – with your people. You'll pass on a strong legacy that continues to support the people and community around which your business is built. 

Calculating fair value

Employee co-ownership is based on the principle of inclusivity and mutual prosperity. But to lead a successful transition of ownership, managers need to know what fair value looks like for the business. 

The financial structure should deliver fair value to the owners and provide compelling incentives for those buying in: the managers, employees, and any other investors who have a stake in the business. Transparency is the key to arriving at a value that’s right for all parties. And that means taking an open-book approach. One that puts the future health of your business, and the success of your employees front and centre. 

An equitable exchange

There’s no room for ‘hard ball’ tactics in Valloop’s co-ownership model. Unlike more aggressive trade buyers, you don’t have to worry about someone trying to drive the sale price down at the 11th hour.  

When you work with us, fair value is fair value. Once we’ve agreed upon a figure, that’s what we commit to delivering. And we do that via a robust methodology that gets to the heart of what makes your business tick – the people.  

This ensures that everyone involved knows exactly where they stand. So, instead of spending all your time and effort trying to hash out a deal, you can enjoy a smooth transition that lets your people focus on taking the business forward.  

It’s a win-win situation, built upon a sustainable, equitable and inclusive exchange.

The future is now

If you’re thinking of selling your business or want to restructure ownership to give your people a stake in its future, visit our website. We’re always keen to hear from SMEs owners who share our vision for a more sustainable and socially inclusive future.