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A peek under the hood of Valloop's process.

We created Valloop with one goal in mind: to deliver a revolutionary new process for SME investment that benefits everyone. 

It would apply the best that financial services have to offer to one of the European economy’s most valuable asset classes. That meant finding a way to connect SMEs to private market financial products that many hadn’t heard of – let alone had access to. 

A new ownership framework for a new generation

The solution was to develop a new ownership framework for SMEs. One that incentivises and aligns your people around the sustainable, long-term success of the business and gives you easy access to a range of financial products: 

  • Equity 
  • Senior debt 
  • Asset finance 
  • Working capital
  • Mortgage 
  • Deferred consideration surety guarantees 

For example, deferred consideration surety provides a viable alternative to contingent capital. It guarantees future payments against future earnings if you pay a small fee on your contracts. So, if the business fails, the beneficiary can draw on this product to make up the difference.  

With an intelligent strategy in place, you can reduce complexity, overheads, and administrative drag so your team can focus on growing the business. And, by incorporating a wide range of cost-effective financial tools into your processes, you can create a flexible and efficient financial for your business.  

Traditionally, this level of financial efficiency was only accessible to the major players. But now, you can benefit from it, too. And it’s already proving to be a gamechanger for Europe’s SMEs.