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Institutional Impact Investing

Achieve attractive financial returns while helping to support societal change.

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An innovative approach to institutional impact investment

Our strategy offers investment opportunities for institutional investors that can offer returns and lead to social impact.

SMEs are an underappreciated market in the investing world. But with Valloop, you get access to an asset class with a risk-return-impact profile that suits institutional investors.

Income inequality is growing in 70% of the global population. Employee co-ownership has the potential to reduce the gap in inequality of income.

UNDESA World Social Report

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Valloop are changing the social and economic landscape of SMEs

CBI, Dec 2020

Valloop strives to make an impact

We’ve designed various employee co-ownership investment models and demonstrated their commerciality. With a focus on strong governance that could help deliver long-term social impact.

A risk-return-impact profile suitable for institutional investment

We know that the biggest challenge institutional investors face is finding investable projects. Projects in emerging markets, like renewables and social housing, often lack the right risk-return-impact profile to qualify for institutional investment.

But we believe that the SME market is different – it’s a mature, sustainable asset class in which we have a wealth of experience. Our approach is to take a long-hold equity stake in SMEs to further their growth and prosperity.

Returns from capital spread are blended across six private market investment products that combine to form a unique and scalable source for SME finance.


Private Debt


Real Estate


Private Equity


Asset Finance


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Why invest in Valloop?

We’ve got over 75 years of combined experience in the SME market.

Over that time, we’ve seen how SMEs have been misrepresented, misunderstood, and denied liquidity.

The SME asset class is a uniquely enticing proposition for today’s socially conscious investors. They’re firmly rooted in the communities they serve, so when small businesses thrive, everyone thrives.

Risk adjusted returns
Positive impact
Attractive pipeline of opportunities
Lower price-to-earnings
A vehicle for positive social impact
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Institutional impact investing with Valloop

Access a mature, sustainable asset class that could help you support societal change, while offering attractive returns..

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