A unique market, a unique opportunity

A wave of successful SMEs is coming to market in Europe seeking new growth opportunities and help with succession. We give you access to a range of innovative financial tools that balance social impact, sustainability, compliance, and returns so you can invest your capital with confidence.   

Align employees & investors to the sustainable growth of your business 

Access a robust and productive investment strategy that reduces risk and friction, while improving performance. Our strategy has not only met but exceeded our financial and social objectives in the first five years of operationThis means scalability and long-term, sustainable returns. 


Put your money to work

Blend returns from capital spread across six private market investment products and support employee-involved SMEs with well-incentivised staff. 

Private Debt

Real Estate

Private Equity

Asset Finance

Working Cap Mezz


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Portfolio companies

We carefully evaluate and take a long-hold equity stake in each SME. As co-owners, we develop a precision-engineered capital structure that's tailored to each SME with the right mix of debt, credit, and equity. This creates a hedging effect of risk and return for investors like you. 

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Construction
  • Cloud Data Services
  • Import & Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • … and more

Why invest in the Valloop Private Markets Fund?

Strong risk adjusted returns

Attractive pipeline of opportunities

75 years of combined expertise

Valloop Advisory Partners

Your money is in good hands. We partner with specialists that complement our investment process.

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