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An impact investing strategy for private wealth

Discover opportunities to invest without compromising your returns.

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Be the change you want to see with Valloop

We know you care about more than just returns. You want your investments to be a force for good.

Our strategy helps you gain access to exciting new opportunities in the mature and sustainable SME asset class. You don’t have to choose between social impact and profitability: our innovative investment strategy lets you do both.

88% of impact investors say their investments have met or exceeded their expectations – you don’t have to compromise on returns to do good with your capital

Global Impact Investing

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With the societal impact of investment under the microscope, Valloop’s social purpose buy-out model to support SMEs in adopting employee ownership, is proving that doing good does not have to be at the expense of delivering investor returns.

Private Equity Wire, Mar 2021

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An innovative approach to impact investment

With Valloop, you gain access to a private SME market and a strategic partner. We take a long-hold equity stake in every business we invest in. As co-owners, we use our knowledge and experience of the SME market to carefully evaluate every opportunity, helping us deliver the social impact you want and the returns you expect.

Our private markets investment strategy combines a unique capital structure that balances debt, credit, and equity to create a hedging effect of risk and returns. We blend these across six private market investment products to form a scalable and sustainable platform for SME finance.

Together, we can achieve our shared vision of a fairer and more prosperous future for all.


Private Debt


Real Estate


Private Equity


Asset Finance


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Why invest in Valloop?

We’ve got over 75 years of combined experience in the SME market.

Over that time, we’ve seen how SMEs have been misrepresented, misunderstood, and denied liquidity.

SMEs are the engine of economic growth. When they thrive, the communities they support thrive. Our investment strategy helps you capitalise on this asset class to drive social change and achieve healthy returns.

Achieve scalable, risk-adjusted returns

Discover exciting new opportunities in the SME market

Have a positive social impact

Stimulate communities

Enjoy lower price-to-earnings

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Invest with impact

We can help you strike the right balance between social impact and returns. Speak to us today for more information.

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