Employee co-ownership offers the right money for you and a fair deal for your people  

Deliver the investment, financial tools, and guidance your management team needs to take the next step with confidence. Our process delivers fair outcomes for all and keeps control where it belongs – in the business. 

Discover a better way to sell your business

SME owners face tough choices. Traditional sources of finance haven’t recovered since 2008 and trade sales can be brutal. Retiring owners want a way out without selling to a rival or an overseas owner. Introducing a co-ownership model that respects the people who’ve helped build your business.

  • Available for SMEs valued between £1m - £15m 
  • Reward your people with a stake in the business 
  • Take your next step with confidence 

Invest in your people and your legacy

No SME thrives without its people. At the heart of our model, managers and employees get a stake in the business. This aligns everyone to a common goal — commercial success — and helps build a sustainable future for all. 

  • Employee co-ownership options 
  • Support for your management team 
  • Growth funding for future success 

Are you ready to use Valloop?

Selling your business

Help your team buy you out when you’re ready to hand over.

Employee co-ownership

Restructure ownership, whether you’re staying on or not. 

Growth funding

We take a stake in your business to help you seize an opportunity. 

Steps to partnership






Valuation methodology.


Financial model design


A new chapter begins

Employee co-ownership opens doors for you and your people

Speak to us today and discover how we can help guide your business on the next step of its journey.

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