The Value Loop

Valloop is a platform that connects intelligent investment to a community of mature, profitable SMEs, unlocking prosperity with purpose.

If an SME owner wants to exit, if the team need funding to grow, or when some financial engineering might help, Valloop delivers a uniquely competitive option — employee co-ownership.

Our focus today

We’ve proven and refined our SME platform across the last five years. Now we’re scaling fast to extend the new model to selected SME owners from all sectors, across Europe. Our next objective — to support 250 SME partners valued at €1bn, by 2025.

Our values

Our values

Our team has a passion for fair outcomes — for investors, owners, employees, and the communities they connect with.

People first

To grow sustainably, we start with people.

Fin before Tech

We make precision financial engineering simple.

Innovate with purpose

Value builds on values — our solutions make life better.

The Valloop story

The Valloop story

The team started up the Acuity Think Tank in 2010. The goal: to innovate the financial framework and tools they needed to unlock prosperity in the SME market. By September 2015, they were ready to put money on it, launching in Gibraltar. Having battle-tested the platform, the team rebranded as Valloop in 2020, scaling towards their 2025 €1bn NAV target.